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Artist Statement

My enthusiasm for felting began in Spring 2008. 


The process of taking unspun wool fibers to make seamless, colorful, functional, unique garments and other items continues to fascinate me. 

Wool is a renewable 100% biodegradable material that resists rain, warm, soft, and flame resistant.  
I enjoy its texture, color and its infinite possibilities as an artistic medium. 

By utilizing ancient fabric-making techniques, adding my imagination and skill, the end result becomes
a beautiful treasure. 


The handcrafted process I use is called “wet-felting.” 

I begin with the raw material, primarily sheep wool roving. I purchase pounds of wool that has already been washed, combed and dyed.  The roving comes as one long 2”-wide strands.  From this, I pull airy short lengths and lay onto a template in thin, even, perpendicular layers.  The number of layers determines the thickness of the final garment.  Water and soap are applied to the surface. 

With my hands, I will skillfully reduce the wool by 50%--turning the puffy pile into a semi-dense fabric.  The pre-felted wool, is then manipulated by hand on hat forms—shaped and further thickened. The process from start to finish usually ranges from 6-10 hours.


My current focus is hats.  I incorporate my original designs, inspired by nature, into each finished piece.  I also create felted scarves, jewelry, outerwear, soaps, wool sculptures and wool “paintings.”

Please review the
Events & Shows page to see these works of art in person.

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